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About Us

Telephones Online has been selling cordless phones online for many years now and has a wealth of experience in the telecommunications marketplace.

We have created this blog in order to share some of our experiences and thoughts about the way in which communications and specifically telephones have become integral with modern day life.

“It is good to talk”, they used to say. Now it is considered to be imperative to be contactable 24/7.

Do we talk more than in the days gone by? Well we are certainly a more engaged society if you excuse the pun.

If you are looking for a cordless home set we have reviewed several multi handset telephone systems as well as traditional corded home office phones  – and even dipped into the Android/ IOS ecosystems just to have a look as we also deal in SIM free Mobile phones. The usual vision of a DECT or digital phone can be seen to be available in a variety of functions such as Nuisance Call Blocking Phones and Eco friendly phones as well as sublty different iterations from the top manufacturers such as BT, Panasonic, Gigaset, Sagemcom and others.

So have a little look around at the wealth of information on Cordless Phones we have and if you are interested feel free to call us on 0800 652 4949 for help and advice.

Recent Posts

Looking at the BT 6590 Telephones

The BT 6590 is one of the more recent home cordless phones from BT and is packed with useful features It is available as a single telephone and also comes in twin, triple and quad sets for those that would like additional handsets in other rooms. Also if you just buy...
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Review of BT Wi-Fi Powerline 500 Kit

We all need WiFi at home, it is crucial to everything - an internet connection is the lifeblood of our very existence. Speed of connection is also or primary importance. One just needs to be able to view YouTube videos, without buffering, from anywhere in the home or...
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What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone

Well we have been looking at the latest mobiles available on our website and we have to say that there are some beauties there. The majority of mobiles there are what are deemed as refurbished - in this case what is sold are predominantly consumer returns of some...
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Reviewing the BT 4600

When you go on a website you generally look at a few products which may meet your criteria and look at how they look and the tech spec to try to discern some sort of call to action; some sort of way in which to tell very similar products apart Well we have oft...
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Review of the BT 3570 Phones

We love home cordless phones and every time a new model comes out we are enthused to discover new features and functions. It is wonderful to see how ( like the mobile phone ) the cordless phone has evolved to meet the needs of the owner with exciting a new and...
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Review of the BT 3580 Cordless Phone

There's quite a lot of new telephones coming out of the BT stable - one of the latest ( and cheapest ) is the BT 3580. The BT 3580, like many modern cordless phones has, as one of its primary features, call filtering options included. In its basic form the BT 3580 is...
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Reviewing a Tomy Baby Monitor

Well, I am glad to say that my baby days are well past me, but I was quite happy to put one of these super gadgets through its paces. Tomy are well known for producing some of the best and fully featured baby monitors available and I thought that it would be fun to...
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BT 8610 Twin Review

We are very familiar with the BT 8500 range of phones and it's lovely that BT have not rested on their laurels and have brought out, in the BT 8610 Twin a home DECT cordless phone with an even more gorgeous design and advanced nuisance call blocking facilities powered...
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