It was bound to happen at some stage – the smartphone we all carry around in our pockets has transplanted itself to the cordless home phone. This is the BT Home Smartphone Touchscreen Android Telephone which brings the power and functionality of a smartphone into your living room and onto your landline. This phone runs on Google’s Android system which means that you can install a host of apps on the unit as well as using it as a normal cordless telephone.

BT Android SmartphoneHere are a few of the features that you may be interested in :

Telephone Features

  • Answer Machine
  • Handsfree
  • Clock
  • Paging
  • Colour Screen
  • GAP Compatible

Additional Features


  • email
  • Internet
  • WiFi
  • Facebook
  • App Store
  • Camera

In short this is a landline phone from BT which offers the convenience of having an always on computer in the living room ( or kitchen for that matter ) – you can even install useful household apps such as setting your TV to record, train timetables, calendar reminders – the options are endless.

BT Smartphone Video