The BT Aura 1500 is a classy little number, it presents information clearly on a 2inch colour screen. The finish is almost luxurious ( I must remember that we are just talking Cordless Phones here) and has a black and chrome, almost matt, but almost shiny exterior which just screams “easily cleanable quality”.

The system comes with a large directory for your numbers and names – storing up to 250 of them in a handy address book and supports call waiting, caller display and call transfer from its handsets. The BT Aura 1500 is GAP compatible and is expandable to a four handset quad system – delivering real freedom of movement around the home – although in real life of the four handsets it is not unreasonable to expect one to be under a sofa and another to be under a bed somewhere. In essence we found that between 30% and 50% of all cordless phone handsets ( in the home ) are missing at any one time. (It should be noted that in workplaces far fewer phones are lost )

Still, the BT Aura phone is a great addition to any home set up, it looks good, feels great and works superbly. It also incorporates many energy saving features which is good as we certainly dont want our summers getting any warmer, do we?

BT Aura 1500 User Guide

They can be found online at BT Aura Phones from Telephones Online