The BT Concero 1500 Cordless Phone looks and feels great. It is not one of BT’s Flagship ranges of phones but still gives one the feeling of quality to look at and feel.

It is available as a single DECT Telephone, or as Twins or Trio Systems, which, as GAP telephones, allows access to a host of features such as transfer and intercom. The phone also allows for caller display – if the feature is enabled.
The phone’s display is a clear monotone set against a vivid, and very pleasing, bright blue backlit display.
The phones come with an answermachine with 25 minute recording time and also a 50 name and number telephone directory which is accessible from any handset.
The BT Concero 1500 also has the following features : “last number redial, SMS Texting, Alarm, Conference Calling, Ringtone Selection”
The Telephone also boasts green ecofriendly energy saving features.

Concero 1500 User Guide
Concero 1500 Quick Start Guide

They can be found online from Telephones Online