When it came to reviewing the Sonus 1500 Telephone the first thing that struck us was that it had the look and feel of a previous BT model – the BT Calypso, there was something about the base station’s layout which rendered us nostaligic for that model ( if I remember correctly the first with a colour screen ).

Striking, at the same time was the name – Sonic is ok, as it sounds like, well, sound, and has quick and fun connotations with a Sega game character. Sonus, shares its construction with an unbeautiful part of the human anatomy.
Notwithstanding its naming the BT Sonus 1500 is sturdy and delivers a very very clear sound quality at a good range from the base.
The built in answermachine has 30 minutes of recording time built in to it and the system can deliver any one of 4 pre recorded messages.

Sonus 1500 User Guide

They can be found online at BT Sonus from Telephones Online