Designer Home Phone

Designer Home Phone

Home phones for a while looked like they were going to be made obsolete by the mobile phone.

Rather strange things have been happening to personal communications though since the initial advent of the mobile.

Initially, of course the mobile phone was the be all and end all of comms, it revolutionised how we made contact with each other, we were always there at the end of a number.

The mobile scene developed further with the increasing market penetration of smartphones and cheaper data costs so that the phone became many things: email, camera, music player, personal organise to name but a few of the many ways in which the mobile has made itself indispensable to modern life.

Slowly slowly I feel that the mobile phone has been losing its identity – or rather gaining a new one. With the seminal ipad launch from Apple people have been viewing their personal electronic devices as an entertainment and email platform. It is as if the mobile phone is morphing away from being a telephone in essence.

What I can see the market doing is splitting to an extent and the mobile becoming just that – a mobile simple telephone that you keep in your pocket; allowing you to have one device for all your other stuff – and one, a small easily operated device to make and take phone calls. On a personal note I am unable to text or answer the phone using my smartphone when it is raining or driving ( oops ) as the screen gets confused.

This brings me back to my true love – the simple cordless home phone – I hope that this never gets too many ideas of mass functionality, it does not oerleap itself in sophistication and just stays simple; something I can cuddle up with and chat on.

There are some beautiful home phones here :