Well, I just purchased a SIM free Samsung Galaxy from Telephones Online, it was a difficult decision, I needed a new mobile phone and am not on a contract so I just buy one when I need one.

I have had quite a few Android mobiles since they started coming out, starting with the HTC Hero, a couple of Sony Ericssons and more HTC’s and most recently having had the HTC Sensation. I should point out that along this journey I have tried the Jesus Phone made by Apple but it ws not my bag I guess.

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung Mobiles

As a connoisseur now of Android devices I felt duty bound to sample Samsung’s offering. I looked at the SIM Free Samsung Mobiles at Telephones Online and considered a while. I was torn, intially, between going for a phablet type larger screened model like the Galaxy Note, which comes with a note taking pen which reveals a host of features Samsung Galaxy have added in their Note range. Then there was a part of me which ( as I once lusted after the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro ) had the inlking to go for a Samsung Galaxy Mini as the smaller smartphone has its own appeal.

However, after much deliberation it was a toss up between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 models. The Galaxy S3 won out in the end – not so much on reviews or function, it was a more price led decision though I must say that I had been greatly amused by the video below.

Samsung Next Big Thing Galaxy launch Video

Anyway – I have it now and the job was done – I unwrapped the beauty ( it was a refurbished model but you could not tell ) and ran the updates and its away – interestingly, and something I had never seen before, was the way in which my favourite apps were all restored from my previous HTC model via a Google back up.