The other day a friend posted up on Facebook that she had lost her phone and for her buddies to PM her if they wanted to remain in contact.
A mobile phone these days, as we all know provides connection to, not only phone calls and SMS, but increasingly Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Twitter and more, not to mention bank accounts, eBay and fitness.
They are our minions and stay with us and look after our needs, feeds and itineraries. Within a few minutes someone popped up on her screen with what I thought was an amazing offer.

What we see here is the amazing redundancy perceived by people of modern gadgetry. There are clearly people out there with yesterdays top phone lying in a drawer because they have the latest via upgrade. Now, we see nothing wrong with that – its good to have a back up phone for yourself or your friends and the temptation of a ‘free’ upgrade is more than most people can deny.

So basically there are, out there hundreds, even thousands of all singing and all dancing smart mobile phones out there that are shunned and unloved. As I write I glance at my current mobile phone – a Samsung Galaxy S3 – probably the top model three years ago but now, with the recent launch of the Galaxy S6 models, four models back from the front of the pack. This phone does me extremely well, it has a fantastic camera, smooth OS and runs fast – indeed I cannot see why I would upgrade it.

This makes me one of the lucky ones I guess, I am happy with my mobile phone, I do not have the expensive duty of a contract to both tempt me into regular unnecessary upgrades. Every year or two I buy a SIM Free phone, usually a refurbished one which does me for another year or two.

I keep a couple of steps behind the pace I guess, but I am happy there. In fact I have been looking at some of these SIM Free Smartphones and am considering a step up, maybe to a HTC Mini or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini…