The BT 6590 is one of the more recent home cordless phones from BT and is packed with useful features

It is available as a single telephone and also comes in twin, triple and quad sets for those that would like additional handsets in other rooms.

Also if you just buy the single set you can add additional handsets to it to expand the system at a later date.

All handsets are GAP compatible and operate using DECT which gives a call quality that is unrivalled

Initially worth mentioning is the nice clear way it looks, the telephones have large buttons with clearly marked digits and the screen is a back-lit, high contrast and illuminated blue screen which is very legible in bright light and in the dark.

Feature wise the phone comes with the basics like a few ringtones, caller display ( yes you need to subscribe via your provider normally ), a speakerphone on the handset and an answer machine with half an hour’s recording on it – ample for a lot of messages, in fact too many.

Additional Features on the BT 6590

The premium features in these cheap cordless telephones are all about personal privacy and control.

There are, we all know, way too many unsolicited ( unwanted ) calls and with the BT 6590 you can use the very handy “ONE TOUCH CALL BLOCKING” to, well, block a caller with one easy touch on a button slap bang under the screen. The superlative feature though must be considered to be “NUISANCE CALL BLOCKER PLUS” which allows one to selectively block numbers by virtue of their type – such as International or Withheld numbers.

This gives one a lot of control over who manages to make that phone ring in your home, a very desirable piece of control these days .

BT 6590 Video Review

So what we have here is a plug and play and simple to use landline phone which gives superb sound by virtue of DECT technolgy and has some advanced features to give you a little more peace of mind when the phone rings.

View the BT 6590 Range

The BT 6590 as a Triple/ Trio Set