Nokia and Windows’ relationship may be at a crossroads of sorts with Nokia seeking to branch out into new avenues and Windows looking to widen its reach by having its OS and ecosystem taken up by more and more manufacturers. The major tech companies are battling for dominance in the smartphone market.

A few years ago every other smartphone was a BlackBerry, then Apple took over and now Android is dominant in Europe with an increasing market share as shown by the image below.

Now, I have ( as we all must have ) had endless conversations about the merits of Apple vs Android ( the two major players ) but I have always had an inkling that Windows Mobile would deliver a surprisingly good experience for all. With that in mind I picked out a Nokia Lumia to have a look at what it actually does offer the user.

First though when turning on the phone is that it is fast, it booted up quickly and the Windows tiles appeared nicely on the screen, the presinstalled apps were easy to set up and use. The main thing I would say about it is that the operating system – Windows Mobile – is remarkably intuitive and a joy to use.

Nokia Lumia 635 Spec

  • the 5mp camera is of outstanding quality
  • 1830mAh battery easily lasts a day
  • 1.2 GhZ quad core processor is ample to drive the phone smoothly and nicely
  • Windows 8.1, along with the store give a sound platform with great choice
  • 4G – for those of you who want it – it is FAST!
  • The screen is 4.5 inches of smooth running

In all a veteran Android user, myself, I was pleased with the way in which the phone worked and very impressed at the build quality and speed and overall operability of the unit. This would make anyone very happy.

The Nokia Lumia 635 is available SIM Free on our website which means that you can use any existing or new SIM card in it whether you are on a contract or PAYG.