The BT Duet 210 is a corded phone with the bare minimum of features, no additional functionality, it has no screen whatsoever and a range just about as long as the cord which runs, in a squiggly manner, from the handset to the phone itself.

There is no answermachine either so if you are away it will just ring and ring and ring until the caller gives up. It is not an eco friendly model, but then again it is powered from the phone line itself so that can’t really be considered an issue.
It has to be placed within a few feet of a phone socket so that you have little choice where to install it unless you want to run a long extension cord right across your house.
Rather than carrying a large telephone directory one is advised in the manual to use a pen to write down your top ten fave numbers on a small insert card on the back of the phone – each of these entries referring to a quickdial number accessed by depressing the respective number on the keypad and hitting the clearly labelled “Quick dial” button. You can set the one, rather basic, ringtone to a variety of levels which include High and Low and Off. The off setting being quite useful when you don’t want to hear the phone ringing for ages ( remember no answerphone ) or you are just not interested in being contacted.

Quickdial Directory Featiure

Quickdial Directory Featiure

What the BT Duet 210 does do though is make and take phone calls with aplomb and can be wall mounted ( close to a socket of course ), The keypad has access to “#” and a “*” buttons which make navigating automated answering dialogues still a complete confusing pain but they are there at least.

What we Most Like about the BT Duet 210

  • The sound quality is great
  • it doesn’t need batteries
  • if you drop it the curly cord stops it hitting the floor – nice touch that
  • it is generally where you would expect it to be
  • it wipes clean really easily

This phone, though a throwback to to a time when football players wore skimpy shorts, does what it says on the box….if you want to buy one – presumably not for yourself – they are actually pretty cheap – BT Duet 210