Well it is the last day of 2015 today and we thought we would look back at another year we have had selling telephones online, what people have liked and which phones have literally ( no I should say metaphorically ) flown out.

Top Reasons to Buy a Phones from 2015

Well it is clear that the main criteria that directs the choice of the traditional cordless home telephone are the following :

  • Call Blocking – there is a mad swarm of nuisance calls still attacking the home user offering PPI claims or other such scams – a phone which allows one to decide who can call you and when is clearly a desirable function
  • Multiple Handsets – more and more people are seeing the value in purchasing cheap multihandset systems for their home. With the onus these days on instant communications with whoever you want whenever you want it is very nice to have a home phone wherever you want it
  • Eco Friendly Phones – with the recent climate talks and the rather brief chat that Barack Obama and bear Grylls had on the telly coupled with the approach of El NiƱo ,…. ok let’s just say that sensibly people all over are taking steps to minimise their impact on the environment. BT and Gigaset pioneer telephones which throughout their product timeline reduce waste and CO2 footprints whilst having low power consumption whilst installed.
  • Quality – the likes of German made Gigaset telephones and BT’s constantly expanding portfolio of phones and the French based Sagemcom adding a little je ne sais quoi has really upped the level of quality in the home phone – gone are the lightweight plastic phones of old and here are shiny, multi purpose home phones that are a pleasure to look at

Anyway, we hope that you all had a great 2015 and would like to wish you all a happy new year