The BT 7610 phone is another of BT’s impressive portfolio of home phones. It is a GAP compatible DECT ( digital ) cordless telephone with a built in answering machine which has been made for ease of use, performance and accessibility.

About the Phone

bt7610 telephoneThe call handling features of the 7610 include a respectable 50 number call log and 30 number redial facility. It also has a useful alarm and calendar which add to the all round functionality this phone brings to the home phone. The phone, rather than being limited to a series of beeps can also emit a wide variety of pleasing polyphonic ringtones.

Additional features of the 7610

The BT7610 is able to send and receive text (SMS) messages, and the answer machine ( 30 minutes recording time ) can be set to two out going messages as well as call screening and remote access ( though change your pass code if one of the daily papers may be interested in your life.

Accessibility Features

The BT 7610 has been designed to incorporate accessibility features for the following :

  • for those with impaired vision there is a large and clear monochrome screen
  • the large and tactile buttons are easy to use for anyone withy visual or mobility issues
  • the telephone is easy to set up and operate with simple one touch buttons for main operations
  • if you subscribe to caller display services you can use the Nuisance call blocking features which can minimise unwanted sales calls from withheld or blacklisted numbers
  • the handsfree speakerphone allows full two way speech without having to grip the handset
  • a backlit screen makes the display clearly legible in all light conditions
  • the keypad is lockable to prevent accidental calls


Further to these the phone, being GAP and DECT can be expanded to up to a four handset multi handset system giving you the freedom to place a phone anywhere in the home you may like.

BT 7610 Product Review Video

BT 7610 Spec Sheet