bt-converse-2100Anyone looking for a simple cheap phone for an office or public area should consider the BT Converse 2100 which has been going strong for years now – powering communications in a variety of home and business situations. So we should first look at what does it do ?

Firstly we should mention the connectivity of the phone – it has two generic RJ11 sockets in the base – one to connect to a normal telephone socket and one for the option of adding a corded headset. It can also be connected to a PABX telephone system.

Flipping the phone over we will note clear, well spaced keys along with three pre programmable buttons – ideal for hotels or public areas along with some useful call handling options such as a secrecy button, amplify, redial and headset switches.

Under the hood the phone also boasts an inductive coupler which prevents feedback for those wearing a hearing aid. It has three selectable ring tones with volume control and the option to set the ringer to silent. There is a LED light in the corner of the phone which acts as a message waiting indicator or a visual ringer.

Along with this basic yet useful functionality the phone is also built sturdily and is easy to maintain to high levels of hygiene. It is the sort of telephone that can be trusted. This indeed has made the Converse 2100 extremely popular for use in offices or for public areas.

The phone is available in two colours – chalk white and jet black and is available to purchase online on Telephones Online