I have long been a gadget and technology enthusiast, but only quite recently have come to appreciate the leaps and bounds that the home cordless phone has made.

I have looked at the ranges on the Telephones Online website and tried to assess each model on the grounds of technical specifications and manufacturer. It became apparent to me, looking at the hundreds of phones online, that they all did pretty much the same : DECT technology I found is standard so the range of the cordless handsets are limited by the technology they contain. ( generally about 300 meters in ideal conditions). Similarly talk times and standby times are governed by the handset’s batteries and these seem to be generic across many brands of cordless phone. Most brands of digital phone allow the additional handsets to be registered to the base station so allowing twin and triple handset systems with call transfer and intercom. They all now seem to have nicely lit screens. It is as understood these days also that a digital phone will have as standard a decent telephone directory allowing the storage of names and numbers.

So I look through the endless catalogue of telephones. How to differentiate? I asked a few friends about their experiences with Cordless Phones and the responses were varied to say the least :

“I like to phone my wife and ask for a cup of tea” – says Stamati

“Great for talking on the toilet” – replied Alex

“Whatever” – was Matt’s wordy response

It swiftly became apparent that I was unlikely to garner any useful advice from my friends so I was back to basics.

I made my choice based on two things, looks and looks, and to me the BT Cordless phones knocked the stuffing out of their competitors hands down. The BT Esprit 1200 Exudes Grace and good breeding, while the BT Freestyle 310 SMS (above )has the sleek looks more commonly associated with an expensive mobile phone. But soon I was wowed to the max. , this was just the sort of beauty I was after, look at is here in its full glory, this DECT phone was all I could ask for. I never even looked into the deeper specifications of it, as soon as I saw it I had to have it. This is the BT Reveal Digital Cordless Answer Phone . I was not surprised to see that it had received favourable reviews in the national press. This Phone has style so I bought it.

This Telephones Online Shopping experience was sent to us by Neil Bradstock