BT has announced and instigated a plan to improve the efficiency of its fixed-line, home phone range, with the new telephone handsets which reduce carbon emissions. The company will ensure that 90% of fixed telephone lines provided by BT will be more energy-efficient by Mid 2008, without additional costs for the consumer.

The new telephones have been designed using power units that consume half the power required by older units. This will help in cutting down electricity usage and also check the consumer’s carbon footprint.

Gavin Patterson, managing director, consumer for BT, said:

“BT has continued to address environmental concerns by launching phones that consume approximately half the electricity of previous models; this will make a major contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We know that our customers are just as keen to reduce environmental impact and through these phones we will jointly make a significant difference.”

The first phones in the new energy saving range are Dect Cordless Telephones, encompassing the BT Graphite 1500, which has been provided with an answering machine too, the BT Graphite 1100, BT Freestyle 610 and BT Freestyle 650 with answering machine.

BT claim that the introduction of the new range of power supplied for its Dect Cordless Home phones will massively reduce carbon emissions and save consumers up to £40 million in reduced electricity bills per year.