Triple BT Telephones

We love a multi handset set of telephones for these reasons:

  • you can transfer calls from handset to handset
  • you can make internal calls – should you wish
  • one can place telephones wherever you like – just need a power supply to charge it
  • one usually can find a handset – two out of the three may be lost but one will be found

Anyone who is looking for a cheap, multi handset cordless phone should seriously consider the BT 2200 Trio. For a start BT produces some of the best, most reliable home phones that money can buy. For a start it’s a triple handset DECT cordless phone ( using GAP protocol ) which means that ( as above ) you can use the handsets from internal conversations as well as having the facility to transfer calls from handset to handset.

Furthermore, should one wish you can expand the system to up to 6 handsets you can add on any GAP handset to the system and extend your coverage even further in the home.

The BT 2200 Trio Basics

What you’ll like first about the phones is that they are easy to use , with ergonomically designer keypad and backlit screens. They deliver an extremely good sound quality ( as one would expect from a BT DECT phone ) and have a good range – generally about 50m indoors.

The 2200 comes with BT’s nuisance call blocking service allowing the addition of blocked numbers to your telephones. This can help unwanted calls as well as allowing one to block people who you just don’t want to call you again.

In addition the 2200 also has a do not disturb feature which allows one to set the phone to silent for any specified time with just the press of a button.

The BT 2200 Trio Additional Features and Spec

  • 50 name and number directory
  • 10 number redial facility
  • call waiting and caller display ( network dependent )
  • 1’6 backlit screen

If you want further information about the BT 2200 Trio set, or indeed other telephones, then check out the link here :

The BT 2200 Accessibility

These phones, though suitable for anyone also lend themselves to use to anyone with impairments – it has large buttons for those with dexterity issues and a clear screen with large digits for anyone with visual issues.

The BT 2200 Trio Video