Eco Phones – What are they?…..

There has always been a set of criteria which determine the likelihood of a purchase – price, quality and function.

At Telephones Online we have years of experience with home phones of all shapes and sizes and manufacturers and we only stock phones from those we know are top quality. We also ensure that our phones deliver excellent value for money, being amongst the cheapest phones on the web.
Similarly our ranges of home phones are carefully selected so that you have the option to deliver a perfect home communications solution for a host of situations.

There is, however, another choice that people are increasingly bringing to the fore in their route to basket so to speak. That is that people are asking the following question :

What effect is my choice going to have on the environment?

You see, consumers are becoming more and more aware that they have a collective responsibility to make decisions which will lessen our negative influence on the environment. This is something people now ask when buying a house, when choosing a school, buying a mobile or even a pair of shoes.

Here we now have the ability to deliver that choice in home telephony – top phone manufacturers such as British telecom ( BT ) and Gigaset ( formerly Siemens Gigaset ) have led the way in producing phones which answer the questions being asked.

Main eco friendly features of home phones

  • components are selected that will not be injurious to the environment when the product’s life is over
  • packaging is used which will swiftly break down with no harmful emissions
  • handset base communications – power consumption is minimised when energy saving mode enabled
  • radiation sleep mode – when the handset is in the base station power use drops to almost zero
  • PSU advancements – the actual power supplies are designed to minimise additional heat production and electricity demand

2 consumption is diminished and its consequential effect on the environment, but also the user will also enjoy reduced power bills – a saving all round.

Telephones Online have a range of eco friendly, power saving ‘green’ home cordless phones for your perusal on the website at Greener Phones.