The Gigaset A540A is a simple and pleasing home telephone which is easy to operate and has a quite stunning curved design. In the day where a high percentage of telephones are grey or black this unit really stands out as a pure white piece of designer kit with its flowing outline, no way near as harsh as some of today’s household gadgets – indeed an eye pleaser.

This gorgeous telephone will act as a mainstay for your household communications, here is a basic feature list :

  • HSP Sound
  • 150 Name and Number Directory
  • VIP Contact Lists – selective answering
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Clear backlit Screen
  • eco Mode

Trying Out the Gigaset A540A

Well, we charged the phone overnight to give the battery a full load and put it to use. The handset was already registered to the base so we were up and running in no time. The first thing one notices about this phone is, as mentioned at least once previously, that the phone has classic curvature, reminiscent of a 1930’s sofa, if you know what I mean. Further, the screen has a high contrast display which is clear in all lights and at all angles. The phone feels smooth and solid to the touch giving it a hint of class and the buttons have a nice feel.

Using the telephone was a breeze, the OS nice and intuitive and access to all the functions was easy. Calls were simple to make and receive and the sound quality was supreme, as clear as any of the far more expensive telephones we have tested. The person testing the phone actually doesn’t like answer machines on principle – I mean it usually is enough to see who has called in our tester’s mind but we asked him to just see if the operation and retrieval was easy and this scored an affirmative.

More advanced features include a good one which allows you to set up contact groups and then filter which calls you will allow though at specific times

We also like the inclusion of eco mode – Gigaset being a manufacturer which bundles this into most of its digital cordless phones – this reduces power consumption and, as a result, CO2 output.

All in all a very well priced phone, which can handle the demands of most home users whilst looking the part as well.

View the A540A Here