The AL410A Twin – known as the Gigaset AL410A Duo to many has just landed on our telephone reviewing table and we have put it through its paces.

At first glance it is apparent that these are well made and sturdy looking and feeling items. The handset buttons are large and easy to operate and the screen booted up with a monochromatic ( blue ) clear back light. The main base station had a small footprint so you wont be taking up too much space on your desktop . The additional handset, of course, can be placed anywhere pretty much around the house as long as you have a power socket with which to charge it.

For those with either mobility or visual impairments the large font shows very clearly against the backlit screen while the big buttons and intuitive interface make using the features much easier.

The phone’s batteries charged up nicely and it was not long before we had managed to master the basic features.

  • Answer Machine with 25 minutes recording
  • 80 Name and Number Directory
  • Call transfer from one handset to the other
  • Intercom – walkie talkie between handsets
  • High quality materials used throughout
  • Superb clarity of sound

This phone could be a great home phone – the duo system is expandable via additional handsets so that up to 5 GAP handsets can be used with the base – have a phone in the bedroom, the kitchen and even the garden.

Further to the features above we were please to note that the AL410A Duo is a Cordless phone featuring Radiation-free ECO Mode which massively cuts down power use.

If you want to get your hands on one of these more information is available on our website at Gigaset AL410L