Gigaset ( formerly Siemens Gigaset ) are a top European manufacturer of cordless phones with a reputation for making the very best of home telephones.

Here we are looking at a new product in stock at Telephones Online called the Gigaset C430A Twin which is one of Gigaset’s latest landline phone models. The 430A is one of the nicest phones we have opened up of late, feeling truly high class in its solid finish and design. The phone has a really clear and large colour screen which is accessible and has adjustable colour schemes. In fact there is a lot to the C430A Twin that is easy to personalise, with its sound profiles, wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers you can really customise the GUI ( Graphical user interface ) to your own preferences.

430A Twin by Gigaset

The phones themselves have the sort of featured that one would expect from such a cordless twin and incorporates HSP ( High Sound Performance ) from handsets and speakerphone.

Gigaset C430A Twin Features

The main features on this are the following :

  • Integral Digital Answer machine – with half an hour’s recording time
  • Directory – with 150 name and numbers
  • Back lit Keypad – for ease of use
  • Headset Option – 2.5mm jack
  • Monitor – can be set on baby monitor function
  • Alarm clock – even has a snooze option included
  • Caller Display – if you subscribe you can see who is calling
  • Eco Friendly – saves money and the environment
  • Clear screen – we would recommend this phone for anyone who has visual impairment

To view the phone and all it’s features, as well as the triple set version ( 3 handsets !!) please see here