Siemens Corded Home Phone Just been arranging to move house this week and called up Virgin Media to schedule the broadband, home phones and television subscriptions to be moved over to the new address.

They were superb, I could not believe the speed and organisation which they were happy to set in motion so that we could continue to have uninterrupted access to these media. They would come round to the new place on a day of my choice and set it all up, test it and then give me 2 months of reduced bills.

I did get to thinking though about my services, did I really need them all. It seems that I pay a large amount each month so that my kids can spend their days watching from a selection of Hannah Montana Wizards of Waverley Place and Phineas and Ferb – still they appear to like it and I would fear for my life should I attempt to remove these channels.

Broadband, of course, is not up for discussion, it is, nowadays, a necessity for work, play, shopping, holidays, communications and more.

Home Phones, though… I don’t use them I thought for a while. But then I realised that although I rarely pick up the home phone in order to make a call I often pick it up in order to receive one. My family tend to call me on my landline and I think that I do, indeed, feel more relaxed when talking on it.

I have a set of BT Cordless Phones which do the treat beautifully but am thinking that the simple home phone could now be replaced with a corded one, taking the idea that it is predominantly a sit down affair my future telephone conversations.

So, I will be looking at a phone like the one in the image above, a nice corded telephone with which to chat to my friends and family at leisure.

Story Supplied by reader : J. Marshall

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