Well we have been looking at the latest mobiles available on our website and we have to say that there are some beauties there. The majority of mobiles there are what are deemed as refurbished – in this case what is sold are predominantly consumer returns of some sort. Any device which has been sold, whether it has been used or not, can not be classed as new so they are checked out and tested according to what we call a 30 point plan though we can not be sure that there are exactly 30 and sometimes we think of model specific or new things to look at :


  • Device powers on and off normally
  • Vibrator Switch ( on iPhones ) does its job
  • Home Button works when depressed
  • Volume Button works both ways
  • SIM Card tray works
  • Backlight is bright
  • Screen is clear of broken pixels
  • Digitizer and screen fully operational
  • Battery holds a reasonable amount of charge for a reasonable amount of time
  • Fingerprint sensor ( on iPhones ) works


  • Ear Speaker gives good sound and volume
  • Loud Speaker gives good sound and volume
  • Bottom Microphone picks up sounds clearly
  • Top Microphone picks up sounds clearly
  • Audio Jack connects and delivers clear sound


  • Rear camera captures great sharp images
  • Auto-focus works as expected
  • LED flash works well
  • Video recording is smooth
  • Front camera takes great photos
  • Front camera video is clear and crisp


  • Full GPS Functionality
  • We check that the Proximity Sensor works during calls especially
  • Full Wifi functionality tested
  • Full Bluetooth functionality tested
  • The GSM/ 3G/ 4G/ LTE signal and call strength are good


  • Serial and IMEI numbers are correct
  • Device looks good
  • Device is hygienically clean
  • Data is Cleansed

The phones sold are then nicely packed and swiftly dispatched to you – we keep records of serial and IMEI numbers in the face of growing online fraud.

Unless stated otherwise all the mobiles we sell are SIM free, meaning that they can be used on any UK network. To view them go to https://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/sim-free-mobile-phones.html.