Once in a while a phone comes along that really makes us smile – iDECT with their history of innovative designer concepts where home telephone design combines futuristic and retro lines to create a phone which causes intrigue even before it rings.

idect-telephoneThe iDect Solo Cordless Telephone has, we should point out, a strong list of features and functions including :

  • long standby battery time of up to 10 days !
  • handset speaker phone – very useful
  • large telephone directory to store names and numbers – 100 of them

But if you are really interested in what the phone does you are missing the point, it has a clear and delightfully backlit blue 1.5″ LCD screen, it sings with a choice of Polyphonic ringtones and oozes class with its almost VW type outline.

Well, we got one of these out of its box and added fully charged batteries to it as we don’t want to wait around waiting on a full charge ( overnight is recommended ), the screen is as azure as a sea around a Pacific Atoll and the polyphonic ringtones sound somewhat like a New Orleans Jazz troupe has somehow crammed itself into this beautifully crafted telephone.

You can buy these on our sister website on https://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/idect-solo-cordless-telephone.html where there is a refurbished model ( still with a 12 month warranty ) going cheap