You think that you have seen it all sometimes and then you see a mobile phone for a thousand pounds on eBay, but I am not here to discuss that, I have just unboxed a new offering from BT’s digital cordless home phone division and it is good. This is called the BT 5510 and the type I have in my hands is the BT 5510 twin.

The first thing I notice on opening it up is the build quality – the phone has a good sturdy feel and I know that it will be comfortable and easy to hold for long periods. On top of that the design has a high level of thought put into it with tactile buttons which are nicely spaced and with clear and easy to read fonts. design wise the phone is really good to look at and with a small footprint ( meaning that the base station takes up little space where it is installed).

OK, apart from the looks , which we like, the phone is a cordless phone twin set with a digital answer machine, you get all the functionality that is per the norm these days in a phone like call transfer between handsets and intercom, the facility to access your answer machine from either handset or base station and volume and call handling controls from individual handsets. The phone also had an astoundingly clear sound which is maintained at a good range indoors compared to other DECT phones we have reviewed.

BT 5510 basic features

  • Caller ID/ Display Capable
  • Handsfree speakerphone from handset
  • 250 Name and Number Directory
  • Large Clear Backlit Screen ( 2 inch )

Another nice feature we liked was the fact that the handsets automatically shared numbers so that you can enter numbers to the directory and access them at all handsets registered to the same base station.

Once the handsets had been given a full and decent charge we tested out the talk time and standby times and found them not to be wanting in the slightest – handsets still had enough charge to make a call after 5 days off their pods.

All in all this is a very good and useful phone which should suit the needs of most homes. In particular the handsets could be quite easy to handle for elderly users but in fact anyone who puts one of these in their homes will find it a pleasure to use.
BT 5510 Twin Set from Telephones Online – oh and in case you hadn’t guessed, we saw an iPhone 6 plus on eBay today for a grand, surely we don’t need to spend that much on a phone..