2100New kid on the block on Telephones Online is the BT 2100. This, as its name suggests is a telephone, a DECT cordless one at that and with the usual stack of functions like

  • Hands free speakerphone
  • Volume control on the ringer
  • Caller display
  • low battery indicator
  • up to 120 hours standby

None of these are likely to float your boat that much to be sure but there are a couple of things that this phone does actually do on top of the norm, and as an entry level ( that means cheap ) home telephone we were pleasantly surprised at some of the features and design.

For a start we liked teh way in which the handset feels in your hand, its outline is akin to a Meyerhoffer surfboard with a slightly pinched in centre but it is solid and nice to use. The small base station is a good point also as this minimises the footprint of the phone, making ideal for anywhere with limited space ( which actually is everywhere ). the handset also has nice large buttons which are ideal for anyone who either has an impairment or just wants a phone that is nice and easy to use.

moonThe real USP of this phone nestles in the center of the keypad in the form of a nice blue crescent button with a moon on it and if you press it your phone doesn’t ring. Like you may ask “what’s the point of a phone that doesn’t ring?” but actually that is not a sensible question as there are times in everyones lives when you just don’t want to be bothered by calls – if its important or anyone you know they would hit you up on the mobile anyway.

So, view the BT 2100 in its glory here on the website Telephones Online – it is cheap and has a “be quiet” button