We all need WiFi at home, it is crucial to everything – an internet connection is the lifeblood of our very existence. Speed of connection is also or primary importance. One just needs to be able to view YouTube videos, without buffering, from anywhere in the home or garden. Netflix must be streamable to multiple devices concurrently in varied bedrooms; children watching on ipads in bed, adults watching Breaking Bad on the toilet… One teenager feasting on Spotify and another parent listening to internet radio, there is Amazon prime streaming and a host of other ways in which you can make very heavy demands on bandwidth. But as many of us are aware – there are issues, spots in the home that the signal will not reach – spots in the home where the signal is flaky. That is not good.

For anyone who has had the experience of poor home WiFi signal – or worse : their children receive a sub optimal data connection, it is definitely something that should be addressed. In the past the favoured option was a Wifi signal booster but as one can imagine, the placement of a booster will, by definition, be in a spot where the signal was not at its maximum strength. So it is inconceivable that the delivered signal will be anywhere near as good as that in close proximity to the primary router.

A wonderful improvement ( and I wonder if someone just thought of it one day ) is the concept of ‘passthrough’ this is a concept ( and reality) whereby the WiFi signal is transmitted to the home’s ( or office’s ) electrical circuits.

Anyone with a basic understanding of electricity should know that electricity in the home passes through a series of connected copper wires in order to feed the plug sockets and light bulbs. Copper was chosen for this purpose as it conducts electricity very well due to its nuclear structure providing free electrons and also as it is malleable – meaning that it is easy to install and unlikely to snap.

So with the Powerline adaptor there is a ‘master’ plug which connects to your incoming broadband – usually via one of the Ethernet output sockets on the router – and connects into the home electrical circuitry, thereby delivering a full power broadband signal to all the connected copper wiring in the house – now we are off.

This connection in turn, can be pulled out of the copper circuitry anywhere in the home that a WiFi signal is required – well anywhere there is a plug socket – which is indeed almost anywhere : from this satellite transmitter will be delivered a full strength signal right where you want it. This, really is completely wonderful, if you pardon the gushing and non-technological nature of this review’s summary. No longer does one have home networking issues whereby WiFi has poor spots, you can even move these satellite plugs around in order to bring WiFi boldly to places it has not gone before. The BT Wi-Fi Powerline 500 Kit can be expanded with multiple additional receiving transmitters solving many household WiFi problems and allowing full on high speed HD streaming in parts other solutions do not reach.


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