We love home cordless phones and every time a new model comes out we are enthused to discover new features and functions. It is wonderful to see how ( like the mobile phone ) the cordless phone has evolved to meet the needs of the owner with exciting a new and innovative functionality…Which brings us to look at a new model – the BT 3570.

What we have in the BT 3570 is a very cheap home phone – DECT, Digital Cordless – all the basics, but without a big song and dance, rather than an ‘all singing and dancing’ colour screen we have a brilliantly lit blue LCD. We found that this screen was wonderfully legible in both low and bright light. Design wise these handsets lean back in a casual manner in their pods – which are small and nicely rounded, taking up little footprint space. The buttons are large and quite tactile, both easy to see and easy to use. The features we have looked at so far could make it a perfect phone for anyone with visual or dexterity impairments; indeed BT have taken special care in recent years to ensure that a large percentage of their telephones can be classes as Inclusion Phones – meaning that they have facets which make them suitable for usage for those with ‘disabilities’ such as dexterity, visual, hearing or comprehension.

As far as typical features the BT 3570 surprise us with the sheer amount in what we consider an entry level cheap DECT phone. It brings in both the one touch – do not disturb and the basic version of BT Nuisance Call Blocking to such a unit. Moreover, the phone has a very clear hands free speakerphone on the handsets and a 50 name and number phone book. I almost forgot to mention that i has an answer machine – that’s because it seems that all phones do these days.

Putting the phone to use we were pleased to note a few things :

  • Handsets were nice told hold and use – they felt solid and well balanced
  • Battery appeared to last a long time when talking and a very long time when off charge
  • Handset sound – both normal and on speakerphone was very clear
  • Range of operation was good – as good as any DECT phone we have used in any case
  • Simplicity of operation – the 3570 was very simple to operate
  • The BT 3570 is available as single, twin and triple sets

If you are interested in the BT 3570 series they can be seen on Telephones Online here »