There’s quite a lot of new telephones coming out of the BT stable – one of the latest ( and cheapest ) is the BT 3580. The BT 3580, like many modern cordless phones has, as one of its primary features, call filtering options included.

In its basic form the BT 3580 is a digital ( DECT ) cordless phone with a built in answer machine, backlit LCD screen and a decent phone directory capable of storing 50 names and numbers. The base – slightly larger than some but satisfying in appearance, has access to paging option – to find lost handsets; answer on and off and message access.

The handsets clearly display pertinent information via an easy to use interface such as missed calls, caller ID ( if you subscribe to this service ) and has a useful handsfree for speakerphone from the handset.

bt-3580If you get unwanted calls, from nuisance PPI type companies or from friends or relatives you will be pleased to find the facility to either list numbers as unwanted – in which case you will not have to be disturbed, or to label certain callers as VIP callers so that you can set your phone only to take calls from that list whilst on Do not Disturb mode.

The BT 3580 is available also as a twin telephone set which adds to the convenience of being able to place a telephone wherever in the home you would like, in the kitchen, by your bed, in a shed or next to the sofa.

Well, we tested it out recently and found it to be easy to set up – the handsets come with high powered AAA batteries which were relatively quick to charge up ( though most manufacturers do recommend a lengthy initial charge ) – we found that the batteries did indeed hold charge for hours and hours so we are inclined to believe the claim of their long standby and talk times.

The 3580 telephones are also hearing aid compatible, as some digital cordless phones have had the tendency to create inteference when used with a hearing aid BT have responded wit the inclusion of an induction loop which enables usage for those with hearing issues.

BT 3580 Video Review

All in all this telephone is amazing value and pretty well featured with its call blocking and other functions. It is easy to use and, with its clear monochrome LCD, larger keys and induction loop it is also accessible for anyone with limited dexterity, hearing or vision.

The BT 3580 can be seen at Telephones Online here : as well as its Twin version – and other multihandsets we hope in the near future.