Well, I am glad to say that my baby days are well past me, but I was quite happy to put one of these super gadgets through its paces. Tomy are well known for producing some of the best and fully featured baby monitors available and I thought that it would be fun to have a go.

Sometime around the turn of the century

Thinking back to those early days, once I had gotten over the novelty of having a baby in the house I was pretty keen to start, in some small ways of recapturing my old life. I had, then, never heard of a baby monitor but as a few similarly blessed friends suggested it I was happy to try it out.

I remember well plugging in the digital unit next to the cot of my slumbering child and retreating to the living room and turning on the monitoring part of it – the parents’ end and fiddling a bit with the sensitivity to see how that worked. Turned out that you could choose to hear if child was murmuring – or set it to only kick in when baby was screaming. That was a difficult one as I assume that, like me, most first time parents are of the opinion that their new born will stop breathing unless closely supervised. Anyway as I said I was keen to get back to the sort of evening that involved having my feet up with a pint of red wine and kind of exhaling in sublime relaxation after work.

Well, this baby monitor – I think was a BT model proved itself capably – actually allowing respite ( though brief at time ) whereby I could assume this pre baby reverie for a time.

All in all for a good few months this served me well. I don’t know what happened to it, nor when we stopped using it but I have fond memories of feeling for a bit that I was still a human being.

The Modern Baby Monitor

Well my old aforementioned baby monitor could listen and alert, but these modern ones amazed me before I had even opened up the package – a video baby monitor? I uttered an expletive at the concept, surely that is missing the point – you want to forget for a while about the child don’t you?

Further investigation did, however bring to light some more interesting and, I believe, enviable, enhancements to the basic model of my ‘youth’. I really liked the idea that baby monitors had evolved into small digital baby sitters. Amongst my favourite features had to be some of the following :

  • light show – makes pretty lights on wall of baby’s room to stop them from crying and to induce sleep
  • lullabies – plays music to dispel existential angst and make baby less likely to require attention
  • two way speech – allows parent to send love via DECT communications to a troubled child
  • video monitoring – watch your child sleep – hold on, when your child is asleep you should either be partying or catching up on sleep yourself
  • temperature monitor – this tells you how warm or cold your child’s environment is – in case you are interested
  • HD sound – wow this sounds like overkill, like no Dolby© ??
  • Infra red night vision – oh golly, leave the child alone

Irrespective of my possibly cynical views on some of the additional features that are now included, almost as basic, in baby monitors it has been pointed out to me one of the basic tenets of technological advancement – in that new features generally come out to fill a void in functionality in order to improve the consumer’s experience. In reality I do have to conclude that Tomy baby monitors, more than ever fulfil the need of a parent to to take a little break from the constant ( yet very rewarding ) joys of early parenthood. Technology works for us, it works for you 🙂

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