When you go on a website you generally look at a few products which may meet your criteria and look at how they look and the tech spec to try to discern some sort of call to action; some sort of way in which to tell very similar products apart

BT 4600 DECT Telephone with Big Buttons

BT 4600 DECT Telephone with Big Buttons

Well we have oft mentioned that, just like the way in which mobile phones have become much of a likeness these days with each OS – Android and IOS borrowing heavily from each other – the main features that are incorporated into a modern home DECT cordless phone are the following – bear in mind that not all models have all the features, but most do have a high percentage of them.

One of the main features of this phone is that it has BT’s most advanced premium call blocker allowing a massive number of options in the blocking of unwanted telephone calls along with the facility to limit outgoing calls by call type – like preventing your children from phoning mobile phones or your spouse from calling his/her relatives in Australia.

BT 4600 Design

The BT 4600 has a solid chunky handset that is solid and easy to hold. The large clearly marked buttons which have a tactile rubberised feel to them. The small base takes up very little room ( small footprint as they say ) where it is housed and the telephone is expandable to form twin, trip e and quad sets – further handsets can be added as it is a GAP/ DECT phone.

Main Features on Cordless Phones

BT 4600 Twin Multihandset Telephone with Big Buttons and answer machine

BT 4600 Twin Multihandset Telephone with Big Buttons and answer machine

  • Eco Friendly Power Saving
  • Nuisance Call Blocking
  • Handset Speakerphone
  • Colour Screens
  • Disability Features
  • Big Buttons
  • One Touch Blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Answer Machine

Well the BT 4600 has all of the above and has been built to do anything that anyone would want from a home telephone but also with a leaning towards the elderly or those with limitations on dexterity, vision, hearing or tech use.

Those main features which make this an “inclusion phone” are : large clear buttons, large LCD type om screen and an induction loop which prevents the feedback commonly experienced with those wearing hearing aids when using a DECT phone. In fact the use of a monochromatic ( black and white ) helps people with some visual impairments as is clearer.

You can view the BT 4600 here – well priced – quick delivery – what more can you ask??? : https://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/bt-4600-dect-cordless-telephone.html