We thought we would open up a new phone to grace our virtual shelves as we had heard great things about it and the price – under £25 for a well featured phone with an built in digital answermachine. Also we have sold digital phones for many years for a variety of manufacturers such as BT, Panasonic, Gigaset, Siemens, Doro and others but very few by Sagemcomm. ( Although they did make the most beautiful retro cordless phone a couple of years ago which looked just like an old fashioned corded phone ).

We unpacked the phone, inserted the battery and set it up on our desk and plugged it in. Upon placing it on the stand we liked the way in which it fitted over a plastic blade which gives it the uncanny appearance of floating over the base. We did wonder if the blade could be easily broken by clumsy use but it appeared sturdy and should handle a reasonable amount of battering. the handset is nice to hold and has a pleasant kink in the frame making it quite nice to nestle in the crook of the neck should you so wish.

Tne handset has a nice weight and balance to it and the keypad, though reminiscent of a ZX81 – with a flat plastic covering does give a satisfying click when depressed. The keys also made access to the many settings and functions a breeze.

The Sagemcom D770A can be purchased online at https://www.telephonesonline.co.uk/sagemcom-d770a-digital-cordless-answerphone.html

Multihandset Versions

Telephones Online have put together some multi handset versions of the D770A which include Twin, Trio and Quad systems which mean that you can strategically place these beautiful handsets around the home and answer from which ever is most convenient. View More here »