Well, our main website may be predominantly telephones based but we do other things as well. DECT technology powers baby monitors and we have stocked these for years. We also have sold SIM free mobiles since the last century with an ever evolving portfolio of the latest lines from top manufacturers – indeed we started out with Nokia and Samsung and these are still some of our best sellers. Now we see more and more people looking to improve their connectivity in the home.

The mobile smartphone, with its 3G/4G, always on, connectivity has both allowed us unfettered access to a constant stream of data and, at the same time, made us slaves to t his very access. We crave the constant ability to access what we want when we want.

Never has this been more so than in the home. It started out with WiFi – at first a luxury, then a necessity in the home. Initially it was the family laptop that needed the freedom to be used in the living room, on the bedroom or in the kitchen even; but the number of connected gadgets increased quickly to cover mobiles, tables and ipads, computers and soon even normal domestic appliances such as fridges, heating systems and televisions were reaching out to the web to share information.

There is a gadget for every possible way in which you may wish to enhance your home network :

  • increase the range of your home WiFi
  • add an Ethernet port to another room
  • speed up your home WiFi
  • increase the number of devices connected
  • increase home WiFi security

Perhaps the most pressing need for home networking products has been driven by the advent of the SMART TV. SMART TV’s connect either via WiFi or direct Ethernet cable to the web and allow access to an astounding array or services such as Internet access, video streaming ( Netflix, Amazon Prime, You Tube etc ), online gaming, news, apps and a host of other services – the TV has reclaimed its lost position, having been abandoned in favour of the PC/MAC/Tablet world of entertainment and now needs a good connection.

Telephones Online stock just these items from :

  • broadband dongles for laptops
  • WiFi hotspot which extends WiFi via electrical wiring
  • Wifi Extender takes the WiFi signal and boosts it around the home
  • 4G Dongles for connection of tablets and ipads
  • routers to hard connect multiple devices

See here for a full range of home networking enhancements.

All of these will massively enhance your online life at home, though we always recommend that you consider looking at Amazon Best Sellers every now and then, putting your feet up on the sofa, lighting a candle and getting down with a nice book.