British Telecom, once famed for their TV adverts, have powered themselves into one of the world’s largest corporations, innovating in many areas of technology and communications.

Old BT Telephone Advert with Maureen

Well, we thought you may like the old adverts above but we are here to examine the BT 2000 Trio. For a start we like triple set telephones – mostly because you can stick additional handsets all over the house – in the kitchen, in the garage, in the bedroom, pretty much wherever you like as long as you are in range of the base station.

Anyway, back to the telephones themselves – nowadays , much like smartphones, g they all do pretty much the same so rather than point out what the BT 2000 does I will poing out what it does to differentiate itself from other models.

  • clear, backlit bright blue screen – great for people with impaired eyesight
  • large buttons – also great for visual impaired and mobility impaired people
  • handsfree from handset – very useful
  • eco saving – saves on your bills and CO2 emissions
  • conference calling facility – great for group chats

Spec wise the phone is your typical DECT – that stands for Digital Cordless ( sort of ) home phone – they generally have a range of about 300m on the box, but this really translates to about 50m in a house. If you position your phone’s base station in a low humidity desert in clear line of sight of the handset you may max out at 200 metres but we have never tried that.

The Phone can be viewed on the website here

The main reasons to buyu this phone are : it is cheap, it looks nice, it works well and itis easy to use – what more could you want?