bt8600BT’s Cordless Phones have, of late introduced us to a fantastic wealth of features with a focus on accessibility, power saving and eco friendly DECT features; but it is in the field of nuisance call blocking that they have come to the fore. The models culminated recently with the BT 8500 series which have now been upped a level with the introduction of the BT 8600 series of nuisance call blockers. This BT 8600 is available, as with the 8500, in single, twin, triple and quad sets.

We got hold of one of the 8600’s recently and thought we would put it through its paces, partly to see how it compared to its predecessor and partly just because we like looking at new things.

Upon opening the telephone from its box, and taking the happy option of inserting some fully charged batteries in there ( we just don’t have time for the recommended overnight initial charge ) we see the screen leap into life. Like the 8500 the 8600 comes with a 1.8 inch colour screen which has a good definition and easy access to an intuitive interface and a host of features.

The 8600 is an advanced DECT telephone, and, as one would expect handles the basics of storing numbers, taking messages on the answer machine and suchlike with aplomb. It is its call handling features that make this a powerful tool in the right hands. Having spoken to quite a few of our customers we have found that in the wrong hands this will block 100% of calls so it is necessary to take some time in setting up the phone to ensure that lists and names and numbers who you actually want to be able to call you, can do so. The sheer adaptability of the two systems – one which governs incoming calls, allowing filtering and blocking of whatever phone calls you want to the outgoing call controls whereby you can stop calls to specific dialling codes, by region, country, mobile or whatever you like.

Design wise this phone is just lovely to look at and great to handle. The base station has a smaller than average footprint whilst the handsets has easy to use and tactile buttons that are nice to use.

It also features a groovy button for immediate call blocking.

All in all this is a worthy update to its popular predecessor – if you want to buy this online then have a look over at the phones at Telephones Online or call their customer services on 0800 652 4949.

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