Telephones Online ( that is us ) area pleased to continue to course and provide the best value in multi handset cordless telephones.
Shown here is the BT Synergy 5500 Triple set or Trio as it is also known.
To install a set like this follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure that the handsets have rechargeable batteries correctly inserted
  2. Plug all handsets into power and leave to fully charge for around 4-5 hours
  3. Take the base station and plug it into your phone socket – keeping it a decent distance from other electrical items such as televisions and routers to minimise interference. Allow a clear line of sight to the base station also to improve range.
  4. Plug in the additional handsets into power in easily accessible and handy locations such as kitchen/ bedroom etc

Testing :

  • We suggest then pushing the paging button on the main base station to check that the phones are in range.
  • To check sound make a couple of internal calls between handsets to ensure that the sound is working and that the units are all fully functional.